Nursing Home Abuse Neglect & Little known Facts

posted on:
October 9, 2007


 Would it surprise you to know that nursing home abuse and neglect is more prevalent in facilities that are owned by private investment firms. With many of our elderly in need of nursing homes in terms of business there is big money to be made. And that fact has not gone unnoticed by investment firms. 

However, business are looking at their bottom line and are often employ aggressive cost cutting measures to increase their profits. This can have a terrible affect on the elderly residents. One way big companies use to cut cost is to reduce staff, which in turn can lead to neglect.

As the New York Times reported, facilities that are owned by private investment firms score worse than the national rates in 12 of 14 indicators. Further, residents of such homes suffer from more depression, less mobility and less ability to dress and bath. Even more disturbing, was the report by both federal and state regulators which states in part that citations for quality-of-care deficiencies i.e., rotten food and bed restraints over long periods of time rose in every facility taken over by private investment groups. To add insult to injury, private investment groups often have a very complex structure in place making lawsuits difficult. If you have a loved one in such a facility, place very close attention to what is taking place.

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