Now Reviewing Morgan Keegan Cases

posted on:
February 15, 2008

Scott Thomas


Beasley Allen is processing securities arbitration claims on behalf of numerous individuals who invested in Morgan Keegan Funds, against Morgan Keegan and Regions Financial Corp. We encourage investors who suffered substantial losses in the MK Funds to consider whether they too should attempt to recover their losses through the filing of an individual securities arbitration claim. The relevant Morgan Keegan Funds are as follows:

(RMH) RMK High Income Fund
(RHY) RMK Multi-Sector High Income Fund
(RMA) RMK Advantage Income Fund
(RSF) RMK Strategic Income Fund
(RHICX) Regions MK Select High Income-C
(MKHIX) Regions MK Select High Income-A
(RHIIX) Regions MK Select High Income-I
(RIBCX) Regions MK Select Intermediate Bond Fund-C
(MKIBX) Regions MK Select Intermediate Bond Fund-A
(RIBIX) Regions MK Select Intermediate Bond Fund-I

If you suffered substantial losses in any of the MK Funds listed above, please contact us today to explore your legal options.

Visit our Morgan Keegan litigation page for more information.

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