New Leadership for Anti-Arbitration Group

posted on:
February 26, 2002

Jere Beasley

As we enter 2002, the battle on behalf the consumers against forced arbitration continues. Sullivan of Montgomery has been selected to take over the leadership of the anti-arbitration group that was formed months ago. Ward will ask members of the group to change the name of the group back to Alabama Consumers Against Arbitration. This name more accurately describes what the group is all about and indicated its true mission. The battle must be carried on because more and more companies are inserting mandatory, binding arbitration agreements into their consumer contracts—contracts for the routine purchase of goods and services – and in employment contracts. During the 2002 Legislative Session, Ward has pushed two new legislative bills that are currently in committee. These legislative bills will ban mandatory binding arbitration in insurance contracts, and I ask you please call you representative and let him or her know that you support these bills. Ward, who is registered as a lobbyist, is ready to fight for you, the Alabama consumer. Needless to say, he will need your assistance. Please drop him a note to let him know you will help in this important consumer rights struggle. The mailing address for Alabama Consumers Against Arbitration is: 200 South Hull Street, Suit #202. Montgomery, AL 36104. Their phone number is: 334-356-8160

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