Medical device case settled

posted on:
January 2, 2008

Jere Beasley

Beasley Allen represented a client whose prosthetic leg failed due to an improper fitting by the prosthetist, in addition to the miss fitting the locking device on the prosthetic leg was defective.

The locking device on a prosthetic leg is designed to hold the prosthetic leg to a sleeve that is placed over an individual’s remaining stump. If a lock fails for any reason, then the prosthetic leg will detach from the stump and cause the amputee to fall.

Our client was walking along a sidewalk when the locking pin malfunctioned. His prosthetic leg detached from his stump and caused him to fall and suffer severe injuries. Sadly, this formerly active gentleman is a shell of his former self. Recently, he had built a home for he and his wife with very little assistance. Now, he has great difficulty doing any daily activities. His case was settled before jury selection for a confidential amount. Kendall Dunson and Cole Portis handled this case.

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