Judge Deborah Bell Paseur is the people’s choice

posted on:
November 3, 2008

Staff Writer

deborah bell paseur Judge Deborah Bell Paseur is the peoples choiceJudge Deborah Bell Paseur is, without question, the most qualified person in the race for a seat on the Alabama Supreme Court. She is also the best person for the job. In my opinion, Judge Paseur would be an outstanding justice on the high court. The judge from Lauderdale County, who has years of experience as a trial court judge, is well-respected by lawyers in all areas of practice. These include both Plaintiff and Defense lawyers. All persons who know Judge Paseur believe that she will be a great Supreme Court Justice and will be totally fair and impartial as a member of the court.

I encourage all of our Alabama readers, their families and friends to vote for Judge Deborah Bell Paseur on November 4th. Electing Judge Paseur will guarantee a level playing field to all parties appearing before the Alabama Supreme Court. A vote for Judge Paseur is one you can be proud of. She has refused to take campaign contributions from oil, insurance, and drug companies and that’s very important for ordinary citizens. No person elected as a justice should go to the high court with the appearance of being tied to any special interest or to any powerful corporations – especially those who are now or potentially would be appearing before the high court as a party litigant. Judge Paseur will be fair to all and that’s the most important thing you can say about a judge.


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