Jim Martin Speaks Out on Exxon

posted on:
December 13, 2007



Jim Martin, who served as Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources when Exxon was caught cheating the State, is fully aware of what he describes as the giant oil company’s “fraudulent conduct.” Jim told Phil Rawls, who is with Associated Press, that “this was a case where Exxon cheated the State of Alabama and believed it could get away with intentional wrongdoing.” In this regard, he made this observation:

When a powerful and politically influential corporate giant can get away with what Exxon did to the citizens of our State, it’s truly a sad day for Alabama. This wasn’t just a case where the terms of a contract were not lived up to – it was outright fraud committed at the highest levels of the corporate structure of Exxon. This was a total miscarriage of justice. I was shocked at what the Supreme Court did in this case.

Jim Martin is a well-respected and highly successful businessman, who served in Congress as a Republican, and was appointed to a cabinet post by Fob James. He feels strongly that the Alabama Supreme Court totally ignored the fraudulent conduct of Exxon in the case. This courageous man fought a good fight against Exxon and deserves a great deal of credit for never giving up. He has been an inspiration to all of us who believed in the State’s case and did our best to seek justice for Alabama citizens. As you may recall, the case was first filed at the direction of then-Attorney General Bill Pryor, who supported the State’s case fully for as long as he served as Attorney General.

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