Jere Beasley speaks out in support of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

posted on:
July 28, 2017



jere beasley Jere Beasley speaks out in support of Attorney General Jeff SessionsIn the August issue of The Jere Beasley Report, Jere Beasley offers his support of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“I feel compelled to defend Attorney General Jeff Sessions who over the past weeks has been under constant attack by President Donald Trump. In my opinion, these attacks are both totally uncalled for and wrong. Jeff and I haven’t always agreed on politics, but I have tremendous respect for him. He has served in public office for a very long time and has done so honorably and with no hint of impropriety. His integrity has never been challenged and that’s very important.

“Jeff has been a strong defender of the rule of law and he fully understands that it is the absolute bedrock of our democracy. His decision to recuse himself in the ongoing investigations of the Trump campaign and several key individuals was absolutely a correct one. There is no way Jeff could have not done so. He did the right thing for the right reason.

“No president should attempt to influence a criminal or quasi-criminal investigation and Donald Trump is wrong if that is his motivation. Hopefully, the president will see the error of his ways and put a halt to his attacks on the Attorney General. If what the president has been doing weren’t so profoundly wrong, it would be great material for a comedy show. Jeff Sessions gave up a safe seat in the U.S. Senate to become Attorney General. He has been and remains very popular in Alabama. I have been praying for Jeff and his family and for all in his office who have been affected by the president’s attacks. I am confident Jeff will survive and come out of all of this as a stronger man who loves his country and his Lord.”

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