In the Fine Print

posted on:
November 14, 2007


Thanks to Paul Wenske for drawing attention to shorter grace periods for credit card companies (11/11, Business, "A falling grace period can lead to a fall from grace"). 

The vultures are at work again, hoping and praying that you won't notice the change, so they can add absurd fees onto their bottom line.

Shorter grace periods aren't the only thing one will find in the fine print of credit card companies and most transactions that consumers make today. Binding arbitration clauses that few consumers understand are in the fine print of nearly everything we do today from buying a home to cell phone contracts.

Few consumers know they have signed away their Seventh Amendment right to trial by jury. Arbitration is a kangaroo court that favors companies that use arbitration services.

Write your legislators and request that they support the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2007. Ban predispute arbitration clauses in all consumer contracts. Let Americans decide after they have a problem whether they want to arbitrate or litigate.

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