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posted on:
November 1, 2002


This country is full of champions for the “little guy,” but there is perhaps no more tireless an advocate than Alabama trial lawyer Jere Beasley. Back in 1998, the Montgomery Independent newspaper had this to say about Jere Beasley: “He is on the side of the Alabama consumer and is probably the closest thing to Ralph Nader we have in Alabama.”

Lately, through a series of lawsuits and political efforts, he has been on a crusade to rid this country of mandatory binding arbitration. Former Alabama Insurance Commissioner Mickey DeBellis, who resigned in January 1998 after refusing to approve mandatory arbitration clauses in insurance contracts, said, “Jere Beasley has done more to protect the policyholders in Alabama; he’s put the fear of god in these companies’ heart.”

Beasley is a senior partner at the Montgomery law firm Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis, & Miles. In addition to being a successful trial lawyer specializing in products liability and insurance fraud, each month Beasley writes and publishes The Jere Beasley Consumer Report, an in-depth analysis of consumer news and information that often features work of the Center for Justice& Democracy and other groups.

His place in Alabama political history is well established. From 1971 to 1978, he was elected and then re-elected Alabama’s lieutenant governor. For five weeks in 1972 he was Alabama’s acting governor while then-Governor George Wallace recovered in a Maryland hospital from an assassination attempt.

Beasley’s last political campaign was the 1978 gubernatorial race. While he did not succeed, he has continued to serve Alabama’s consumers. In recent years, he has concentrated on building his law practice, fighting mandatory arbitration and advocating for consumers throughout Alabama and the nation.

He’s out champion too.

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