Hormone Replacement and Breast Cancer Recurrence

posted on:
April 7, 2005


 A new study suggests that the composition of hormone replacement therapy is a factor in determining whether it increases the risk of breast cancer recurrence. 

In a recent clinical trial, carried out in Sweden, it was learned that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) taken to reduce menopausal symptoms can increase the risk of breast cancer recurrence.

In a new study from Sweden, researchers at the Karolinska Institute reveal how there was no obvious link between hormone therapy and breast cancer recurrence.

It may be differences in composition of the hormone therapy which explain why sometimes there is a risk and sometimes not. The timing of the therapy may also have an effect.

The challenge now is to carry out further studies to see what kind of hormone therapy women with breast cancer can take so they do not increase their risk of a recurrence. There is a clear need for a safe form of hormone replacement for relieving menopausal symptoms.

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