Graphic video illustrates dangers of texting while driving

posted on:
August 27, 2009


According to a Los Angeles Times editorial published last week, “A solid and growing body of studies shows that texting, conversing on hand-held phones or even chatting hands-free … make us dangerous drivers, as likely to get into an accident as if we were legally drunk.”

Many states and municipalities have tackled the scourge of cell phone-talking drivers with legislation aimed at reducing the rising tide of cell-phone related driving accidents, but what to do with cell phone-texting drivers?

About 25 percent of the nation’s annual 40,000 traffic fatalities may be linked to drivers who are distracted with text messaging. Worse, a Virginia Tech study recently found that texting drivers are 23 times more likely to cause a traffic accident than non-texting drivers.

Perhaps the strongest and most memorable effort to raise awareness about the dangers of DWT is a short film produced by the police of Gwent County in Wales, U.K. The film, entitled “COW: The Film That Will Stop You Texting and Driving,” realistically dramatizes the calamity and violence of DWT.

Viewers should be advised that the events dramatized in this video are disturbing. But that’s the idea.

CLICK HERE to view the video.

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