Family Awarded $2.25 Million For Asbestos Exposure In Workplace

posted on:
March 3, 2008


New York, NY – February 19, 2008 — A New York City jury awarded $2.25 million in the case of 73 year old Leonard Shafer who had exposure to asbestos in his workplace as a civilian employee at the New York Naval Shipyard (Brooklyn Navy Yard) in the 1950’s. Attorneys for the family of Mr. Shafer helped prove Shafer developed
pleural mesothelioma, which is an aggressive, incurable cancer during
his career at the Shipyard.

“Mr. Shafer endured pain and suffering that spanned an eighteen month
time period from the time he was diagnosed until the time of the
death,” said an attorney for the case. “Many years ago, nobody knew the
affects of being exposed to asbestos in the workplace and unfortunately
today, we are being faced with the dangers.”

Like so many of his colleagues, Mr. Shafer never wore respiratory
protection and was unaware of the dangers of asbestos. John Crane, Inc.
was the company that manufactured and supplied the asbestos-containing
stuffing tube packing material to the U.S. Navy for use on Navy ships.
In this asbestos exposure lawsuit, the jury determined that exposure to
the John Crane packing material caused Mr. Shafer’s mesothelioma, and
that his illness was reasonably foreseeable to the company.

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