Exxon Juror Laments Decision

posted on:
November 19, 2007



The Alabama Supreme Court has slapped the citizens of Alabama in the face with their corporate-loyal hand. They voted 8-1 to throw out most of the verdict against ExxonMobil, stating the state failed to prove fraud. 

As a juror member I sat for weeks and listened to evidence of fraud. The president of Exxon wrote a letter admitting to not paying Alabama the amount of royalties according to their contract.

When the Exxon president was warned he would get caught by a corporate attorney his reply was, "This is Alabama we're dealing with." He said we were too stupid to catch him and admitted he wrote the letter in court.

As jury foreman my job was easy because of all the evidence we had been given. My only task was to work with the other jurors to decide how Exxon should be punished. Each juror wanted to make sure we sent a message to major corporations like ExxonMobil that they could not take advantage of others just because they felt superior.

The Alabama Supreme Court has given Exxon Mobil and other giant corporations the stamp of approval to run over the hard-working honest citizens of our nation. I wonder if most citizens of this state know where the last circuit judge of Alabama who sided with Exxon works now.

Each of these eight Supreme Court justices should be tarred and feathered and ridden out of Alabama on a rail.
Joseph King

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