Dupont Pollution

posted on:
May 23, 2007



Rowe v. Dupont

We are working with several other firms on a class action lawsuit against Dupont.  The suit arises from contaminated water supplies near Dupont’s Chambers Works facility in Deepwater, New Jersey. The class action suit alleges that certain chemicals known as PFCs (perfluorocarbons) were discharged from this Dupont facility and have contaminated the water supply in several cities and townships in Salem County, New Jersey.  Our suit seeks clean drinking water for the communities neighboring the Dupont facility and compensation for lost property values resulting from to the contamination.  In October, the Federal judge hearing our case granted class certification to the 15,000 residents who own private wells within two miles of the Dupont facility or are customers of the Penns Grove water system.  This favorable ruling allows our case to proceed. We are being assisted locally by Lieberman & Blecher.

What can I do?

Protection of people and their property from large corporate polluters is our top priority. A unique feature of our growing environmental/toxic tort practice is the ability to represent a large number of people harmed either physically or by damage to their property. Environmental litigation poses unique legal challenges because of the complex scientific and technical issues frequently addressed, and because of the overlapping authority of numerous administrative agencies and courts at the local, state, and federal levels.

We have worked hard to gain a nation-wide reputation in environmental litigation, often referred to as “toxic torts.” These are difficult cases, but we are fighting to make a difference.

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