Denied Disability Insurance

posted on:
October 8, 2007



Denied disability insurance

Many Americans have faithfully had money deducted from their paychecks to pay for disability insurance. They rely on this insurance to cover them in the event that they become disabled and cannot work, however, many people might be in for a rude awakening if they hold an insurance policy through Unum Provident.

Unum Provident is the largest disability insurance company, providing disability insurance for more than 17 million Americans. Unfortunately, for their policyholders, Unum has denied legitimate claims from seriously ill customers… a corporate strategy that is designed for one purpose – to boost profits.

A multitude of employees for current and former have come forth to talk to media and to attorneys about the tragic situation that occurs on a regular basis within the walls of the Unum claims department.

Stories like this one are a regular occurrence for policyholders of Unum Provident disability insurance.

What can I do?

If you or a loved one has become a victim of insurance fraud, you may be entitled to compensation. For a free legal consultation, contact us today!

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