Couple files suit against Ozark National Life Insurance

posted on:
June 17, 2003



James E. Bell, Kim L. Easley-Bell and Windel McCaskill each met with an agent of Ozark National Life Insurance Company about purchasing a unique type of life insurance from Ozark, one that allows investments in a mutual fund with Pioneer Services Corporation, allegedly to provide for their retirement. Ozark’s agent represented to Mr. and Mrs. Bell and Mr. McCaskill that if they ever decided that they no longer wanted the life insurance, they could drop the insurance coverage and transfer all of the premiums paid into the policies during the first year into the mutual fund with Pioneer Services Corporation. Based on these representations, Mr. And Mrs. Bell and Mr. McCaskill purchased this unique life insurance product and invested in the Pioneer mutual fund.

“However, Mr. and Mrs. Bell and Mr. McCaskill later discovered the company would not allow them to drop their insurance policies and transfer their premium payments paid during the first year over into a mutual fund with Pioneer Services Corporation as represented,” said Dee Miles of the firm Beasley, Allen Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles P.C. “Ozark and its agents intentionally mislead our clients inducing them to purchase an insurance policy that they otherwise would not have purchased. We believe the driving force behind the misrepresentations made to Mr. And Mrs. Bell and Mr. McCaskill was pure greed. If Ozark’s agent hadn’t sold the insurance policies, he wouldn’t have received his commission. The commissions made on the sale of the insurance policies are substantially higher than commissions made on the mutual fund.”

Dee Miles and Christopher Sanspree with the firm of Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, and P.C. in Montgomery, Alabama are representing Mr. And Mrs. Bell and Mr. McCaskill.

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