Class Actions

posted on:
June 26, 2008



Beasley Allen has positioned itself as one of the premier class action firms in the country. We are handling and reviewing class actions of a wide variety. As an example, we either have filed or are considering filing nationwide class actions against life insurance companies, annuity companies, issues involving cancer policies, mortgage lending practices and securities issues, just to name a few. At the present, we have the following nationwide classes pending around the country:

  • Smith v. John Hancock Life Insurance Company (bonus annuity theory);
  • Cirzoveto v. AIG (bonus annuity theory);
  • Grimes v. Rave (FACTA statutory violations);
  • Jackson v. Ticketmaster (FACTA statutory violations);
  • Lawrence v. Community Health Systems (price gouging uninsured hospital patients);
  • Mitchell v. Blue Cross/Blue Shield (breach of in-network dentist provider contracts); and
  • Gooch v. Life Investors (cancer policy class)

Our focus in reviewing potential class action theories is centered on issues that are more product design oriented or violations of consumer protection statutes. Class action theories that involve purely fraud (and therefore “reliance”) have become difficult to prove due to the fact that individualized issues typically predominate and may defeat the commonality and typicality prongs required for certification under Rule 23, F.R.Civ.P.

Beasley Allen also continues to be the most active firm in the country representing “opt outs” from a variety of consumer class actions. We have represented in excess of 200,000 clients over the last twelve years in a variety of opt out situations. If a class action is certified and the theory of liability and damages is of any substance, we want to review those cases for consideration of potential opt outs.

If you need assistance with an ongoing class action lawsuit, or think you have a case, contact us today for a free, no-cost, no-obligation legal evaluation of your case by filling out the brief questionnaire or by calling our toll-free number at 800-898-2034.

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