AP IMPACT: In Toyota cases, evasion becomes tactic

April 12, 2010 - Toyota has routinely engaged in questionable, evasive and deceptive legal tactics when sued, frequently claiming it does not have information it is required to turn over and sometimes... Read More

Investigation labels Toyota legal tactics evasive, deceptive

April 12, 2010 - An Associated Press investigation has uncovered numerous examples that Toyota has relied on highly evasive, deceptive, and unethical legal tactics when defending itself against a... Read More

Toyota MDL will be handled in California

April 9, 2010 - After hearing from dozens of plaintiffs' attorneys last week, on April 9, 2010, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation announced it has selected the U.S. District Court for... Read More

Toyota Exec: The time to hide on this one is over

April 8, 2010 - Another document has come to light in the ongoing investigation into Toyota's problem with sudden unintended acceleration. This time it is an email from Irv Miller to a Japanese... Read More

16.4 Million Reasons Why it’s not over yet for Toyota SUA

April 6, 2010 - Toyota now has two weeks to decide if it will accept or contest the $16.4 million fine levied yesterday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to resolve Timeliness Query... Read More

Attorneys, investigators fire back at NHTSA proposed penalty against Toyota

April 6, 2010 - MONTGOMERY, ALA. (April 6, 2010)  - Yesterday the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) finally decided to get tough with automaker Toyota for safety problems... Read More

U.S. to seek $16.4 million fine against Toyota

April 5, 2010 - WASHINGTON (AP) - The Transportation Department said Monday that it would seek the maximum penalty, more than $16 million, against Toyota for failing to promptly notify the ... Read More

Decision expected on Toyota MDL

March 31, 2010 - Nearly 200 lawsuits have been filed so far in federal and state courts throughout the country. The litigation involves both individual personal injury suits and consumer class actions... Read More

Toyota Investigation in Birmingham

March 26, 2010 - Birmingham is now the site of an investigation into a fatal wreck involving a Toyota Camry. Attorneys are suing the automaker over an accident that killed one elderly woman and... Read More

Memo reveals Toyota blamed unintended acceleration on electronics in 2002

March 24, 2010 - Memo reveals Toyota blamed unintended acceleration on electronics in 2002. New evidence has emerged revealing that both Toyota and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration knew... Read More

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