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September 4, 2008



For more than 85 years, Brantwood Children’s Home has been providing a safe, stable, structured environment for abused, neglected and other “at-risk” children. The mission of Brantwood is exclusively non-profit, and is to operate in the best interest of the community while serving dependent, neglected and/or abused children by providing for and supervising their education, health and social adjustment into the community.

Located in Montgomery, Ala., currently Brantwood serves children and youth ages 10-21, and offers programs that are designed to help young people cope with and succeed in society.

About 30 children live at Brantwood, and participate in programs including counseling from basic to moderate in scope to meet emotional and behavioral needs and to address mental health or substance abuse problems, and basic health care. Brantwood also offers a transitional living program, which provides housing on campus to young people ages 17-19 to help them gain the skills and experience they will need to secure employment and housing and live on their own; and an independent living program, which helps foster youths ages 19-20 to help young adults transition out of the foster care environment.

Educational opportunities also are available on the Brantwood campus. The Brantwood On-Site Educational Program (BOSEP) provides 20 slots for students in fifth through ninth grades in an on-site school.

Brantwood’s programs help to provide a nurturing environment where youngsters can become more confident.

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