Beasley Takes on Big Biz

posted on:
August 23, 2004


Each month, the Montgomery plaintiffs firm Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles sends thousands of lawyers, reporters and other folks its monthly newsletter, “The Jere Beasley Report,” which is named after the former lieutenant governor and the firm’s lead partners.

Throughout this month’s 45-plus pages, the report briefly describes dozens of cases of alleged corporate fraud, lawsuit decisions and regulatory actions, with the common theme being the harm done to the public by companies.

Among the headlines: “SUV’s Catch Fire Following Oil Changes”; “More Corporate Convictions”; “Roof Crush Cases”; “Bush & Lilly Target the Mentally Ill”; “Drug Maker Accused of Aiding in Deaths”; “Viatical Investments can Cause Misery”; and “Blue Cross/Blue Shield Makes Shocking Decision.”

However, under the heading, “Lawsuit Against McDonald’s Over French Fries,” Alabama’s best known plaintiff’s lawyer criticizes the suit that accuses McDonald’s of failing to reduce the fat in the cooking oil it uses to fry its fries.

“Frankly, I really can’t encourage lawsuits of the sort recently filed against McDonald’s,” Beasley wrote. “However, from a legal perspective it is pretty clear that McDonald’s would have some exposure.”

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