Beasley Allen’s founding shareholder responds to location of BP MDL in New Orleans

posted on:
August 10, 2010



Attorney Jere Beasley is pleased with the panel’s decision to hold the BP MDL in New Orleans. “Judge Barbier is a good man” says Beasley.

MONTGOMERY, ALA. (August 10, 2010) – The Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation decided today that more than 300 suits filed since the April 20 rig explosion will be heard in New Orleans, La. U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier will preside. Lawsuits include personal injury claims that resulted from the deadly blast on the oil rig “Deepwater Horizon,” damages to those who have experienced illness from contact with the oil dispersant as well as loss of income and property value.

“This is a victory for the folks who have been damaged as a result of BPs reckless disregard for safety and the tragic consequences,” says Beasley Allen Founding Shareholder Jere L. Beasley. “The MDL panel made a good decision. Louisiana is a logical choice because of the tremendous damage done there and the continued damage we expect to see for years to come along the Gulf Coast. Judge Barbier is a very good Judge and is more than capable of handling the complex nature of the litigation and the tremendous volume of cases that will go to his court.”

Beasley Allen has filed a number of lawsuits in District Courts in Alabama, Florida and Louisiana to help protect businesses and individuals harmed by the oil spill. Within the next two weeks Beasley Allen lawyers expect to file more than 800 cases in addition to those previously filed on behalf of a broad range of clients including commercial fishing businesses, retail establishments, the restaurant industry, real estate management companies, property owners, persons suffering personal injuries and others.

“Our goal is to help bring BP and other entities responsible to justice,” Beasley stated, adding, “I don’t trust BP to do the right thing by its victims and that is why the MDL is so important.”# # #


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