Beasley Allen reviewing BP oil spill damage claims

posted on:
April 26, 2012



The class settlement agreements between BP and the PSC for economic/property loss and personal injury claims were submitted to the court for preliminary approval on April 25. It is not too late to submit claims that fall in or out of the class settlement. We expect the class settlement claims center to open approximately May 25 and claims can be made under the settlement through at least April 22, 2014.

We would appreciate the opportunity to co-counsel with you on any claim that may be made in the class settlement and those claims that may not be included.

Examples of claims include:

• Tourism Industry; hotels, restaurants, retail stores and others.
• Seafood Industry; any company or individual involved in any Gulf seafood –shrimp, oyster, crab and finfish.
• Commercial fishermen.
• Charter fishermen.
• Businesses that failed due to the spill.
• Start up businesses that suffered during the spill.
• Persons who catch and/or barter Gulf seafood to eat (subsistence).
• Any business that supplied or was dependent on the Gulf for income.
• Wage earners.
• Property owners along the coastline.
• Personal injury claims.

We also will review claims involving Banks and Developers, although they are not specifically included in this settlement agreement.

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