Beasley Allen representing clients injured, traumatized by defective heart leads

posted on:
July 1, 2009


The excruciating jolt that rings through one’s body when his implanted cardiac defibrillator misfires has been compared by one man to “a horse or elephant, kicking you from inside your chest, out.” Another man was so consumed with the sheer terror of being electrocuted from the inside from his implanted device that he says he now requires psychiatric care for severe anxiety and post traumatic stress the episodes caused him.

Late last week, P. Leigh O’Dell and Ted G. Meadows, attorneys with Beasley Allen Law Firm, filed three more lawsuits among a growing list of complaints against the manufacturer of the cardiac defibrillators with defective heart leads, Medtronic, Inc.; Medtronic Puerto Rico, Inc./Medtronic International Technology, Inc.; and Medtronic Puerto Rico Operations Co. The complaints claim the plaintiffs suffered injuries and damages as a result of having been implanted with a Sprint Fidelis Lead manufactured by Medtronic.

The plaintiffs are Kay Eugene Foulks and Roma Gay Foulks of Florida, John R. Hyler III and Barbara C. Hyler of Virginia, and Janice C. Bertucci and Terry A. Bertucci of Louisiana. Kay Eugene Foulks, John R. Hyler III and Janice C. Bertucci each received a Medtronic cardiac defibrillator with a Sprint Fidelis heart lead, which was later discovered to be defective causing the defibrillators to unnecessarily shock patients or fail to work all together.

As a result of the findings, Medtronic suspended the sale of its Sprint Fidelis Defibrillator Leads on October 15, 2007. Since the initial recall, Medtronic has reported 13 fatalities associated with the faulty leads.

Read the Foulks complaint.

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Read the Bertucci complaint.

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