Beasley Allen founding shareholder responds to BP settlement protocol

posted on:
August 20, 2010



Attorney Jere Beasley warns those injured by BP oil spill should approach settlement procedure with caution or inadvertently sign away rights to compensation for future damages

MONTGOMERY, ALA. (August 20, 2010)  – New documents were released today that shed some light on how BP will distribute funds to compensate people who were damaged as a result of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It is abundantly clear now that the $20 billion fund is grossly inadequate to fully compensate the thousands of claimants who have suffered losses and will continue to suffer losses and be damaged for years to come as a result of the spill. The protocols for the compensation fund will require people and businesses to waive their rights to sue BP and other companies involved in the disaster. This will be detrimental for claimants who cannot determine at this time the full impact of the oil spill on them.

“There are still questions that need to be answered about any future and final claim protocols,” says Jere L. Beasley, founding shareholder of Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles, P.C., in Montgomery, Ala. “It’s essential that those injured and damaged by the oil spill, both economically and physically, have access to funds needed immediately for emergency relief, while retaining the right to pursue future damage claims against the oil companies through the courts.

“The full impact of this oil spill is not yet known,” Beasley said. “To say that people who are hurting now and need help now can’t get that help without giving away their future rights, is not true justice and is just plain wrong. Also Ken Feinberg is totally ignoring the other BP companies as well as the other corporations that share legal responsibility with BP for the oil spill.”

Beasley Allen has filed a number of lawsuits in District Courts in Alabama, Florida and Louisiana to help protect businesses and individuals harmed by the oil spill. Cases have been filed on behalf of a broad range of clients including commercial fishing businesses, retail establishments, the restaurant industry, real estate management companies, property owners, persons suffering personal injuries and others.

“Our goal is to help bring BP and other entities responsible to justice,” Beasley stated, adding, “I don’t trust BP to do the right thing by its victims. I am also beginning to wonder who Mr. Feinberg is working for since his protocols favor BP over victims.”

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