Beasley Allen files over 350 lawsuits

posted on:
April 17, 2003


Beasley Allen is one of the leading civil litigators in the United States with approximately 350 lawsuits currently UnumProvident Corporation and its subsidiary companies. Additional lawsuits against UnumProvident Corporation are being filed at an ever-increasing rate.

Beasley Allen currently represents disabled individuals who have been unjustly denied disability benefits from Hawaii and Alaska, all the way to Georgia. The evidence we have uncovered suggests that UnumProvident Corportation has implemented a nationwide scheme to deny policyholders disability benefits in an effort to save money and increase corporate profits. What’s more, several former UnumProvident in-house physicians have testified that they were encouraged to review insured claimants’ medical records and state that the insured was not disabled so that UnumProvident could deny disability benefits, regardless of the condition of the insured. Several former claims adjusters have testified that it was corporate policy to create reasons to deny claims, and that they were instructed how to do this without exposing their companies to liability if sued in a court of law.

UnumProvident Corporation is a holding company for several insurance companies. Its corporate headquarters is in Chattanooga, Tennessee. UnumProvident Corporation is responsible for adjusting disability claims of all the companies listed below. UnumProvident Corporation also adjusts disability claims for the other non-affiliated insurance companies as well.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Paul Revere Life Insurance Company

Unum Life Insurance Company of America

New England Life Insurance Company

John Hancock Insurance Company

Equitable Life Insurance Company

Colonial Life Insurance Company

Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company

Provident Life and Casualty Insurance Company

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