Bad Faith Litigation

posted on:
May 22, 2007



What is bad faith litigation?

Bad faith is simply a cause of action against an insurance company that has intentionally denied the payment of a properly submitted insurance claim for no debatable reason. Bad faith claims involve health and life insurance, accidental death insurance, disability insurance, automobile, property, and cancer insurance.

Our firm has represented thousands of clients in bad faith actions and has had numerous verdicts. We continue the tradition of representing clients who have been wrongfully denied benefits by their insurance companies.

We have pursued thousands of cases against the world’s largest insurance companies concerning disability policies, with specific attention to the “own occupation” disability policies. Our independent investigation of the insurance industries practices in evaluating and refusing to pay some of these claims is shocking. Further discovery has unveiled boardroom decisions to engage in a companies schemes to wrongfully deny benefits to policyholders all in the name of profit.

We are currently pursuing cases concerning the tort of “bad faith” against the following companies:

• UNUM / Provident & Accident Insurance Co.
• Allstate
• State Farm
• Alfa
• Farmer’s Insurance
• Conseco
• Paul Revere Insurance Co.
• Metlife
• Guardian
• General American
• Liberty National
• Investors Life
• Life of Alabama

What can I do?

If you believe your insurance company is not dealing fair with you regarding your claim for benefits, you may be entitled to compensation. For a free legal consultation, contact us today!

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