Asbestos Concerns at Roosevelt Schools

posted on:
May 21, 2007


 "The ultimate risk with asbestos is Mesothelioma, a cancer of the lungs" says Dr. Richard Chengson. 

And that risk is why Roosevelt parents are upset that asbestos work was being done while school was in session and that they were never notified.

"Why didn't they inform the parents" asks one parent.

"I think they could have waited for the kids to be released and they`d be gone" says another parent.

School is out next Thursday, but the school district says they simply wanted to get on with the work.

"It`s a couple weeks but it`s two weeks we`d lose with the contractor that`s ready to get started in there says Roy Turner, RISD Facilities Manager.

Asbestos was taken out of the Roosevelt Elementary school auditorium and the high school theater, both of which are connected to the school`s air conditioning systems.

"It would be a concern with children in the area with asbestos escaping into the air" says one parent.

But district officials say the work areas were properly secured and no asbestos could have escaped. They say the Texas Department of Health inspected and approved the asbestos removal project, saying there`s nothing to worry about.

"At no time were any kids in danger. It was all airtight and sealed" says Turner.

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