Any business in Gulf Coast states may be entitled to money from BP

posted on:
June 22, 2012



The new Deepwater Horizon Claims Center has opened and will be processing claims until April 2014. One thing most lawyers don’t know is that ANY business in ANY part of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, or the west coast of Florida (all the way to Key West), can qualify for compensation as stated below.

Generally speaking, any private business in one of the areas mentioned above that had an aggregate revenue decrease of 15 percent or more over a consecutive three-month time period between May and December 2010, and had at least a 10 percent aggregate revenue increase for the same three months in 2011 is entitled to compensation. THIS IS TRUE EVEN IF THEY DO NOT THINK THEIR LOSS CAME FROM THE OIL SPILL.

This includes any business, not just seafood or tourism, and it applies to every part of the states or areas mentioned above, no matter how far from the Gulf.

Coastal property owners are also eligible to be compensated for their loss of use and enjoyment of the beach during the year 2010. This applies generally to any coastal property in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the panhandle of Florida.

We are continuing to review and submit claims for:
1. Any business of any type in the State of Alabama or Mississippi, or within the class in Florida.
2. Any business or individual in the seafood/harvesting industry.
3. Any business or individual in the Gulf tourism industry.
4. Any Gulf- or Bay-front property owner or property owner who lost rents during 2010.

More information is available on the PSC website.

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