Alabama Attorney General Warns about Dangerous Tires

posted on:
September 28, 2007


Alabama Attorney General Troy King has alerted Alabama citizens to the fact that the federal government is warning drivers that they may have faulty tires that could be vulnerable to belt and or tread separation. 

As reported, the tires in question are for light trucks, sport utility vehicles and vans. In June, Foreign Tire Sales informed federal highway officials that some tires manufactured in China under the names Westlake, Compass, and YKS may not hold belts in place.

So far, there has not been a recall, but one surely will come very soon.

The Attorney General, in a statement, said the affected tires have a tire size starting with “LT” or light truck, as well as a DOT number that starts with “7D” and ends in either “02”, “03”, “04”, or “05”.

Additional information can be obtained from the Federal Trade Commission web site at http://www-dot-foreigntire-dot-com.

You may also contact the Attorney General’s Office of Consumer Protection at 1-800-392-5658.

It‘s good to see Alabama’s top law enforcement officer getting involved with a safety issue on behalf of Alabama citizens.


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