15-Passenger Vans are High-Riding Death Traps

posted on:
June 21, 2007


Unfortunately, we continue to see a number of cases involving the rollover of 15 passenger vans. As I have previously written, these vehicles are extremely unstable and have a high propensity to roll over. The propensity to roll over increases with more passengers. In fact, the more passengers you add, the higher likelihood there is of a tire failure on the rear of the van. As we have pointed out repeatedly, these vans are among the most dangerous vehicles on the road today. At one time, the vans were very popular for transporting pre-school, school-age, college, and church groups. Fortunately most people have learned that these vans are involved in rollover crashes more often than all other vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in 2005 that new research reinforced its existing concerns about 15-passenger vans. As a result, NHTSA reissued its consumer advisory for users of 15-passenger vans for the third time in four years. Unfortunately, from a safety perspective, little has changed since 1999. These vans are still on the highways of this country and are still causing deaths and injuries. Without nationwide regulation that truly addresses safe vehicle performance and occupant protection, the vans will continue to kill and maim innocent victims.


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