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Tire age and safety featured on ’12 News Defenders’

posted on:
May 22, 2013

Personal Injury

Beasley Allen attorney Rick Morrison sat down with WSFA-TV12 News reporter Mark Bullock to discuss the important topic of tire safety on a recent episode of the station’s “12 News Defenders” program. Morrison shared safety information that will help consumers determine the age of their tires. The tire industry now recommends that consumers keep tires no longer than six years, due to concerns about wear and breakdown from environmental factors. Air, heat and sunlight can cause the rubber in tires to break down. Morrison explained where to find the tire manufacturers’ code and how to read it to determine a tire’s age. Bullock and the WSFA news team also conducted an undercover camera investigation to see how old some tires actually are that are on retailer’s shelves to be sold. Morrison noted that sometimes tires can be held in a warehouse for months or even years before being sold, reducing the lifespan of the tire once it reaches the consumer. Tire failure can result in a serious car crash and even a vehicle rollover accident, causing serious injury or death to vehicle occupants.

Courtesy of: WSFA 12 News

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