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Talcum Powder Verdict discussed on CBS This Morning

posted on:
February 25, 2016

Talcum Powder

Beasley Allen Principal & Founder Jere Beasley talks with CBS about the recent verdict finding Johnson & Johnson liable for ovarian cancer risk linked to its talcum powder products. He says the company has known for years there is an elevated risk with regular use of talc for feminine hygiene, but has failed to warn consumers. In one of Johnson & Johnson’s own documents, a memo dated from 1997, the company’s own consultant warns company leaders that if they do not warn women about the cancer risk, “the talc industry will be perceived by the public like it perceives the cigarette industry: denying the obvious in the face of all evidence to the contrary.” As a result of Johnson & Johnson’s refusal to warn, generations of women were put at risk for the development of ovarian cancer.

Join The Fight!
Let your voice be heard and sign the petition to ask Johnson & Johnson to release the internal documents revealing the link between talcum powder and cancer. A St. Louis jury has seen the evidence, which ultimately led them to award a $72 million verdict. Hundreds have signed, but we need thousands – tens of thousands – of signatures to get the industry’s attention. So, please take a brief moment and do something that can change lives forever. Please sign and share the petition with your friends and colleagues, and say to J&J, #TellTheTalcTruth!

Courtesy of: CBS News

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