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Sports, Traumatic Brain Injuries and Young Athletes

posted on:
April 6, 2017

Personal Injury

Beasley Allen attorney, Kendall Dunson guest hosts the Beasley Allen Report and discusses sports related head injuries with his law partner, Mike Andrews. Mike represents clients with personal injury claims including cases that involve traumatic brain injury (TBI). He currently represents the family of a high school football player who died after a blow to the head during a game. Sports related head injuries, which are also known as TBIs, are more common in high impact sports such as football. Mike explains that helmets offer only limited protection. Improved safety and certification standards must come from helmet manufacturers and those overseeing helmet safety certification. However, Mike offers advice to parents of athletes so they can better protect their children’s brains that are still growing and developing.

Courtesy of: Beasley Allen Report

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