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Rented Chevy Impala from Enterprise results in woman’s death after the “deletion” of airbags

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September 4, 2014

Customers typically assume that safety features come standard in all of a rental company’s operational vehicles; however, one case currently under trial by Beasley Allen brings to light a startling discovery – some airbags may be removed to lower the overall price. Beasley Allen Report host Gibson Vance breaks down the situation with fellow attorney Kendall Dunson.

Dunson, who has been employed with Beasley Allen since 1999, focuses his practice on cases involving product liability. Dunson explains that car companies can sell vehicles at a lower cost to rental car companies like Enterprise Rent-A-Car by taking out certain features. In the instance of Dunson’s case, the side-curtain airbags were removed, also described as “deleted,” from a Chevy Impala his client had rented from Enterprise. His client, a woman from Tuscaloosa who was unknowingly driving an unsafe rental vehicle, had her life tragically ended in 2009 by an accident where the missing airbag could have easily saved her life.

Pictures shown demonstrate how minor the two vehicles’ damages were. Both Dunson and Vance agree that they would assume the drivers of both vehicles would walk out unharmed. Dunson believes that it is dishonest for rental car companies to rent vehicles to unsuspecting drivers that do not have adequate safety features to keep them safe in accidents.

Courtesy of: Beasley Allen Report

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