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Plaintiffs Lawyers in Talcum Powder Trial Reflect on $110 Million Verdict

posted on:
July 5, 2017


A fourth jury expressed shock and disdain after overwhelming evidence showed pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson’s deadly talc-containing products remain on the market without a warning to its female consumers. The products, including Baby Powder, have already sealed the fate of more than 100,000 unsuspecting women. With each new favorable verdict, plaintiff’s attorneys Ted Meadows and Danielle Mason with the Beasley Allen Law Firm have more opportunities to inform the public about the dangers of genital talc use. Since 1982, Johnson & Johnson has rejected the scientific link between its talc-containing products and the increased risk of ovarian cancer. Although the company has received a warning about the cancer-causing mineral with each shipment of talc since 2006, it refuses to pass the same warning along to its consumers.

Three trials brought by other women suffering from ovarian cancer led to jury verdicts last year of $70 million, $72 million and $55 million against the New Jersey-based health care company.

Courtesy of: BEASLEY ALLEN

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