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Local hotel stay leads to personal injury lawsuit due to families affected by Legionnaires disease

posted on:
August 15, 2014

Personal Injury

Beasley Allen attorney Ben Locklar has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Sleep Inn & Suites in Prattville-Millbrook on behalf of two Jefferson County families and several members of a girls’ softball team. The Wheat and Renta families so their daughters could participate in a softball tournament nearby. Some hotel guests were diagnosed with the severe respiratory illness known as Legionnaires disease.

The disease, caused by the inhalation or ingesting of Legionella bacteria, can result in several serious and even permanent health conditions. Many areas of the hotel had the potential to spread the Legionella bacteria, such as through water sources and air conditioning duct systems, but it cannot be transmitted from person to person. Not long after the tournament weekend that prompted the stay at the hotel, at least 14 people began showing flu-like symptoms, including elevated temperature, difficulty breathing, body aches, dizziness, chills and headaches. Locklar hopes to prevent devastating situations like this from occurring again.

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Courtesy of: WSFA 12 News

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