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Innovative technology in automobile industry can still fail

posted on:
September 22, 2015

In this episode of the Beasley Allen Report, host Gibson Vance welcomes Beasley Allen principal Chris Glover to discuss the growth of technology in the auto industry and how our dependence on this technology can be catastrophic if it fails. Glover, who works in the Personal Injury/Product Liability section of the firm, believes that it won’t be long until consumers become overly dependent on technology in automobiles. However, like all manmade products, vehicle technology may fail under certain circumstances, resulting in serious injury and even death. Technology such as self-driving cars, self-parking vehicles, and rear-view cameras may appear state-of-the-art and flawless, but it’s always smart to err on the side of caution by learning what to do if the technology fails while on the road.

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Courtesy of: Beasley Allen Report

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