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How the FLSA protects workers from unfair labor practices

posted on:
April 4, 2013


Beasley Allen attorney Lance Gould appears on tonight’s episode of the Beasley Allen Report to discuss the Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA. He talks with show host Gibson Vance about what an employer can and cannot do with your time at work and how you are paid. Gould is an attorney in the firm’s Fraud section, working mainly on cases involving labor and employment laws. The FLSA applies mainly to the rights employees have relating to wages, time employers are required to compensate employees for, and times they are not required to compensate employees on the job. Gould says claims filed under the FLSA are commonly called “wage theft” cases. The FLSA establishes a federal minimum wage, an hourly rate, and sets out that anyone who works more than 40 hours per week is entitled to be compensated at time-and-a-half. There are some exceptions to this, which employers sometimes use to fraudulently classify employees in order to avoid paying fair wages.

Courtesy of: Beasley Allen Report

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