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Defective guardrails on roadways discussed by Beasley Allen attorney Chris Glover

posted on:
April 9, 2015

Today on the Beasley Allen Report, host Gibson Vance talks with fellow Beasley Allen attorney Chris Glover about his work with product liability cases involving guardrails on roadways.

The purpose of guardrails on roadways is to keep people safe by keeping their car on the roadway. Injuries and fatal accidents can occur when a car hits the end of a guardrail, causing the guardrail to act like a sword and pierce through the car. To combat this devastating occurrence, manufacturers designed endcaps for the guardrails that collapse upon impact and keep the guardrails from penetrating the car.

These designs were approved by the government, but a recent whistleblower lawsuit revealed a company found ways to save money by making the endcaps smaller than designed. This change keeps the endcaps from collapsing, forcing the guardrail to pierce through the middle of the car. A whistleblower employee of the manufacturing company came forward about the unapproved change.

Though lawsuits have been filed, these defective endcaps are not off the road. Most states have banned their future purchase, but the past use of the endcaps has not been addressed. Gibson and Glover discuss automobile safety as related to this hazard as well as the importance of staying updated on car recalls.

Courtesy of: Beasley Allen Report

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