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Beasley Allen principal Larry Golston speaks on wrongful termination, workplace discrimination

posted on:
July 7, 2015


Beasley Allen Report host Gibson Vance welcomes fellow Beasley Allen principal Larry Golston to talk about Alabama’s workplace discrimination and wrongful termination laws. Starting at Beasley Allen in 2000, Golston has worked primarily on cases involving whistleblower litigation, retaliation, wage & hour litigation, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, business fraud and class actions. Although Alabama is an at-will employment state, meaning that employers may fire employees without having to provide reasoning, employment cannot be terminated for illegal, discriminatory purposes. Golston says that there are two different types of employment discrimination: disparate treatment discrimination and desperate impact discrimination. Disparate treatment discrimination is when an employer treats a worker unfavorably due to characteristics like race, gender, nationality, etc. However, disparate impact discrimination is when your employer’s policies or procedures appear to be treating everyone equally, but instead affect certain categories of people unfairly. In Alabama, the statute of limitations to file an age discrimination case is 300 days.
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Courtesy of: WSFA

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