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Beasley Allen attorney Rick Morrison outlines tire safety and how it can affect you

posted on:
February 19, 2013

In this episode of the Beasley Allen Report, Beasley Allen attorney Kendall Dunson, fills in for host Gibson Vance. He speaks with Beasley Allen attorney Rick Morrison about tire safety and liability. Rick has been with Beasley Allen for more than 15 years, working in the Product Liability section of the law firm. Rick emphasizes that the tires on a vehicle are one of the most important parts on the vehicle when it comes to safety. If tires fail, the driver may lose control of the vehicle, causing a crash and possibly resulting in serious personal injury or death. The most common type of tire failure is tread separation. This separation can be caused by flaws in the design, manufacturing defect, or even the age of the tire. Tires and tire materials deteriorate over time, whether they are being used or not, especially when exposed to heat.

Courtesy of: Beasley Allen Report

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