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Beasley Allen attorney Rhon Jones outlines criteria for BP Oil Spill claims

posted on:
February 19, 2013

BP Oil Spill

On this week’s episode of The Beasley Allen Report, Beasley Allen attorney Rhon Jones provides information about how any business in Alabama may qualify for compensation under the BP Oil Spill settlement. He talks with guest host and Beasley Allen lawyer Parker Miller, who is filling in for the show’s regular host Gibson Vance. Miller works in the firm’s Toxic Torts section alongside Jones, handling BP claims. Jones, who serves on the Plaintiffs Steering Committee for the multidistrict litigation, terms the BP settlement as “probably the most unique class-action settlement in the history of American litigation.” The settlement was reached in March-April 2011, with approximately $2 billion already paid or approved to be paid within not quite three years of the date of the oil spill. “Businesses all over this state were impacted. Individuals all over this state were impacted,” by the BP Oil Spill, Jones says. He outlines how businesses in particular can file a claim and find out if their losses qualify under the terms of the settlement, and how to maximize their claim. “The good news here is almost every business in the state is eligible [for compensation]. Everyone can participate if they feel like they have a loss,” he said.

Courtesy of: Beasley Allen Report

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