businesslitigation Business The Business Litigation Section of Beasley Allen is devoted to representing individuals and small businesses in almost any dispute or claim they may have related to business transaction. Areas of our practice include breach of contract, fraud, antitrust price fixing, patents, and theft of trade secrets. Many small businesses have found that representation by our firm on a contingency fee basis is the best way to resolve claims against larger companies.

Rhon Jones obtained an $11 million verdict for theft of trade secret for PEAT, Inc. in federal court in Huntsville, Alabama. This verdict, in July 2002, is the largest trade secret verdict ever in Alabama.

Rhon Jones, Larry Golston and Robert Turner, Sr. received a $1.7 million verdict for a small logging business in a business fraud dispute in Perry County, Alabama, in September 2002.

Tom Methvin and Rhon Jones represented a small logging business, which received a $2.6 million verdict in Butler County, Alabama for business fraud. This is the largest verdict in Butler County, Alabama.

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